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They say there is sense in simplicity! But if you are a website owner, how do you bring in simplicity in tasks as complex updating content in all the sundry nested elements in the site or changing the coding across all the pages of the site when even a small animation is tweaked? Resourceful website owners harness the advantage provided by Drupal, the open source content management system that is creating waves all over the whole wide world of the web.

If you want to harness the Drupal advantage, you will need the Drupal solutions to drive your website. Web Spiders can convert your static websites into powerful Drupal-based web applications that ease publishing and updating content. We also help you set up a basic Drupal system on your server or else, host it on our web servers so that you can nonetheless continue to wield the Drupal advantage.

  • Gaming Websites:
    We love toying with Flash-based gaming websites and empower them with Drupal so that administrators can easily categorize, organize, and upload games. We will add more pizzazz by building in interactivity with the discussion forums and newsletter subscription modules provided by Drupal.
  • Classifieds:
    If you own a classified ads portal, you cannot do without a nifty Drupal solution that will allow users to post ads, bookmark them for easy reference, and also obtain a printout of the classified. We are not oblivious to security threats, so we have also integrated the CAPTCHA functionality to the solution.
  • Corporate Websites:
    A corporate website is also a platform to share news and information with countless employees spread all over the world. This necessitates that administrators are easily able to manage and keep track of the countless bits of data traversing the network every day. A Drupal-driven website and only it can provide these controls.
  • eCommerce Applications:
    We can integrate the Drupal eCommerce shopping cart extension, Ubercart, with the Drupal content management system to create sturdy and scalable eCommerce applications that can efficiently manage product brochures and catalogs and online orders.
  • Online TV Guide:
    With satellites beaming in almost countless channels into our homes, we need an online TV guide to ensure that we do not miss out on our favorite shows. We have devised XML feeds in our Drupal-enabled online TV guide to ensure that you do not have to enter the program schedule manually. We can also build in opinion polls and newsletter subscriptions into the guide to bring in an element of dynamism.

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