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The Drupal Advantage


Here are some of the advantages of Drupal compared to other CMSs:

  • Drupal gets a definite boost with a powerful templating system. Drupal templates can be created out of any XHTML or CSS template.
  • Drupal is OpenID compliant and can facilitate any kind of user group.
  • Only one installation can run multiple Drupal sites.
  • The Drupal CMS also extends to running membership and community sites.
  • Developers love Drupal because the codes and the API are such that it is easy to integrate with other solutions.
  • When it comes to modules, Drupal definitely scores over competing CMSs. The Drupal design is flexible and facilitates modifications.
  • Drupal can work with MySQL, Postgres, and Apache.

Drupal has some very powerful backings—high profile Drupal sites like those belonging to the White House, BBC, MTV UK, NASA, Greenpeace UK, and New York Observer almost clinch the case for Drupal CMS.

Now you too can join the list of Internet heavyweights by leveraging on the Drupal advantage. Let Web Spiders take charge of content management on your site. Our customized Drupal modules and templates will ensure that your site is not only search engine-friendly but also flaunts a great blend of conventional web content management features and social features that allow easy participation and open communication.

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