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The year 2007 was a crucial year for Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as Adobe Flex, AIR, Ajax and the new entrant, Microsoft Silverlight. Over the last few years, the Web browser was increasingly becoming the face of Enterprise apps; however, the Web technology was still mapped to the Document Publishing Model and there was a clear disconnect between customer aspirations and the power of Web applications.

With Flex 2.0, the industry saw the first real developer tool to build full-fledged desktop-style Web applications running on the browser. Flex actually became an epiphany for the industry, and no wonder, both product companies like Microsoft and consulting companies like ours pushed hard to get leadership in this new sector.

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Siddharth Jhunjhunwala, CEO and Founder, Web Spiders

Siddharth Jhunjhunwala
CEO and Founder, Web Spiders


Web Spiders is proud to have become the pre-eminent provider of RIA development services on a global level - across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In the last year, we accelerated the momentum of our RIA offerings and continue to extend it into 2008. We sponsored various industry events such as, Ajax World (Santa Clara), Adobe Max (Chicago), 360|Flex and many more. Our marketing team coined the term 'Say No to Refresh' to explain the benefits of RIA technologies to the common man, and launched sub-sites such as and This capability focus has seen our sales and market share grow steadily in 2007, and we continue our tradition of year-on-year growth in revenues and earnings since inception in 2000.

SnocklesAlong with RIA, Social computing sites and tools also were a big highlight for 2007. Web Spiders launched its own White-label and Enterprise Social Networking tool called Snockles see: and

Social computing became a part of our Enterprise Content Management business unit, which offers systems integration services on platforms such as MS Sharepoint, Interwoven, Ektron and Open Source software such as Joomla and Wordpress.

In terms of infrastructure, we had already announced the campus development for over 650 employees. Unable to wait in the interim, we decided to move into the new premises in Sector V, Salt Lake in early FY 08-09.

RIA is dominating the next wave of software product development, and rich Web applications are being embraced at an unprecedented rate globally. Web Spiders continues to remain ahead of the curve, providing specialized RIA-based product development services for Entrepreneurs, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Corporations using a global delivery model.

FY 08-09 has begun with great momentum, customer wins and investor confidence. I am indeed very thankful to my colleagues who have truly believed in delivering innovation rather than just talking about it, and have made Herculean efforts to see our customers win in the marketplace.

Please stay tuned to Web Spiders throughout the year at our blog

Best Regards,

Siddharth Jhunjhunwala
CEO, Web Spiders


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