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CEO Speak - 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

A Very Happy New Year 2010!

As we send our wishes to colleagues and clients, we all very well know that only positive actions can truly make the year 'Happy'. I am very pleased to list some great events and actions below at the start of the year, both on a business and personal front. (Blame it on PowerPoint - I use bullet points for everything now!)

1. New Offices: In January we've started our Bangalore office in India, and in USA we are moving our East Coast Office to Manhattan, New York. I will share more on this later. For now, we look forward to resonate with the energy of Big Apple which has always been motivating.

Siddharth Jhunjhunwala, CEO and Founder, Web Spiders

Siddharth Jhunjhunwala
CEO and Founder, Web Spiders


2. New Year Gifts: Every year we send out gifts to our clients in the December-January months for the festive season. This year, we did things a bit differently and donated money to child-welfare related local charities on behalf of our clients. In the US we gave $100 per account and in the UK a consolidated GBP 1000 to the Rainbows charity. Majority of our clients wrote back, thanking us for this gesture. I'm really glad this was appreciated and we have now decided to find more opportunities throughout the year to help children and others in need.

3. Nabadiganta Flyover: Have you noticed the colorful look of the new Nabadiganta flyover? It's Kolkata's first colored flyover, and Web Spiders helped the city to make its choice. Kolkatans voted overwhelmingly for a 'cream with rust pillars' color scheme, along with a green zone below. You can click here to read the Times of India coverage on the flyover and Web Spiders' innovative solution.


4. Web Spiders Mission: Finally, we have been doing a lot of introspection, and though the world economy is coming out of the global slowdown, we know and understand that things will not be the same. We have set strategic targets for the next 2 years and aimed to accurately define what we do best, which has resulted in a Mission Statement which has been published on our website. Our competencies of Mobile Software Development, Rich Apps using Flex/AJAX and Enterprise Content Management, all become the tools to deliver our mission.

Mission Statement: To drive revenues and profitability of our clients, by providing product development and digital marketing services, through a best-shore model.


With Warm Regards,

Siddharth Jhunjhunwala
CEO, Web Spiders

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