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Wine Specialist

Client: UK's leading mixed case wine specialist


Our client specified the requirement of an application that is exclusively meant for printing Menu from the Web application. Multiple users would be able to use the application simultaneously. The client wanted such an application that would enable their salesman to create wine menu online, get approval from the client and generate order. The menu would be printed at their office and sent to their client.


Web Spiders followed the client's guidelines in detail and developed a Wine Menu Online Application. This application is ideal for any printing houses which prints menu for different restaurant sales Wine and Other items.

The application has predefined templates for the menu with option for dynamic logo and header text. The items are defined in the master and salesman has the option to choose items and their corresponding rates.

On confirmation from customer it generates low resolution pdf for approval. High resolution pdf can be generated only from the admin module.

Once the order is accepted the system shows the status of that order. The status of the order changes with certain operations. It is also possible to take the print of order.


Flex, .net, MSSQL.

.net is used mainly for the admin module and login module on the public page. The total menu generation module is on flex.

Following are the flex module.

  • Selection of template
  • Upload logo and write text and place them with drag and drop option
  • Choosing of item group
  • Choosing of item
  • Moving items position on menu
  • Change heading of the item group
  • Change description
  • Change font size, color of the heading, item and description
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