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iPhone App "Whatsinmyfreezer?"

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It is customary for people to store eatables in the freezer. There is a chance that people may lose track of expiration date and item could be wasted. "Whatsinmyfreezer?" or simply "Whatsin" app is an application designed to help consumers in tracking items lying in their freezer using iPhone and reminding them before expiry.


The application allows customers to add items to the list while storing it in freezer. Users can update the servings as and when the item is consumed. Users can also set a reminder that will give alert some days before the expiry. Important features of application are:

  • Manage items: Ability view, add, delete and edit product information
  • Easy add facility that remembers previous data, so that adding new item is made easy if similar item was previously used.
  • Reminders can be set through default settings as well as edited by user.
  • Ability to capture and save product image
  • Use same application for multiple storage locations i.e. to keep track of items in freezer, closet etc.
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