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What is uFollowit?

uFollowit is an easy to use and carrier independent proof of delivery (POD) service on the market. uFollowit creates instant shipment delivery confirmations through email and SMS messages, with the exact delivery time and the voice signature of the consignee. It is a cost-effective POD service with precise status and delivery alerts. Users can perform unlimited tracking requests at no additional cost.

Application features:

  • For each route event, either Pick Up, Intermediate Status Call, or Delivery, drivers make an automated inbound short phone call to acquire the route event information and the voice signature of each event.
  • Dispatchers can also schedule automated Outbound Check Calls to drivers, where uFollowit acquires the location of the phone and indicates it as a dot on a map while tracking the freight being hauled.
  • These calls to drivers automatically stop when a load has been delivered.
  • Depending on the hosted Solution registered for, clients can enjoy 24x7 instant web tracking, visual and audible Proof of Delivery, instant email delivery alerts, bill of lading storage and viewing, as well as GPS graphical mapping of every route event.
  • Through the driver's cell phone and our hosted tracking engine, uFollowit eliminates the need for expensive mobile devices, software licenses, or costly IT infrastructure while delivering an instant POD. It thereby speeds up the invoice and collection times, and lowers customer service costs by up to 70%.

Role of Web Spiders

Web Spiders was responsible for major enhancements to the application. These include:

1. Porting the uFollowit application to support the following versions of Windows Mobile:

  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Windows Mobile version 6.0, 6.1 Standard
  • Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 Professional

2. Redesigning the Graphical User Interface to make the application more user-friendly

3. Adding new features so that the location of a device can be logged in offline mode. The data can be synchronized when Internet connection is available.

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