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Trade Marketing System

Trade Marketing System is a distributed application for Windows mobile platform. It captures
offline Statistical Sales Data of an Enterprise for analysis. The TMS was developed for
Samsung and used by the company to carry out offline retailer survey, gather required information
from various sources, and perform analysis of the combined data.


1. Distributed Application: The application has an online web-based component as well as an offline native component that is installed in mobile devices.

2. Access permissions: The application requires users to login. Different users have different access permissions.

3. The application can sync with online system and download information about assigned outlets and schedule. Similarly, the data from native application can be uploaded to the web server where collective data is analyzed.

4. The native application allows users to store the information gathered offline.

5. Statistical analysis can be performed with the data gathered from various sources.

How does it work?

1. The assignment schedule is updated from the web interface of the application. Stores can be assigned to different personnel for carrying out surveys.

2. Once the data is stored to native application, the assigned person can use the mobile phone for recording offline sales data obtained through surveys.

3. The user can enter name of retail store, fill up different questionnaires created for survey, and store the data.

4. The questionnaire is designed to enter the data of the company vis-à-vis its competitors. So the user can record the shelf space allocated, frequency of new models launched, availability and advertisement data, etc.

5. The application also allows verification of the retailer’s knowledge about the product in order to check awareness about various features and identify training requirements for the retailers.

6. The surveyor can capture images to keep track of visuals for each retail outlet surveyed.

7. The application also keeps track of the stores visited or missed by a surveyor.

8. Finally, the surveyor can connect his device to the Internet and upload the data gathered.

9. The application performs statistical analysis of data uploaded by all personnel. The results are then displayed in the web interface.

10. The survey results help company in identifying sales trends by retail locations and thus identifying areas for improvement in its supply chain.

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