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IT Focus Telemarketing

Client: IT Focus Telemarketing

Project Description:

Redesign and redevelopment of a website for a Telemarketing agency which specialises in working with information technology companies.


IT Focus Telemarketing needed their website to be completely overhauled. Their existing website, while serving its purpose, needed refreshing to convey the perception of IT Focus Telemarketing being a large and professional organisation.

About the Client:

IT Focus Telemarketing, based in Bath (UK), has been in business for three years providing demand generation services to technology companies. Demand generation services provided by IT Focus Telemarketing entirely to the IT industry include:

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead generation
  • Event booking and follow up
  • ISV / Reseller recruitment

In addition or separate to this IT Focus Telemarketing also provides Data services covering; data procurement, data profiling and data cleansing.

Solution Provided:

In order to meet client's objectives, Web Spiders had to totally redesign and redevelop the existing site. As the IT Focus Telemarketing website is a brochure site, we decided to strongly increase the focus on both the content and look & feel of the site, and give them equal emphasis.

To this end, we took graphical vision inputs from client (websites they liked, colour schemes, ideas on layouts) and then created two mock-up interface designs to chose from. The client picked one of these designs as the starting point, and then Web Spiders delivered the final design based on feedback. After a complete redesign according to the client's requirements, relevant sections and pages were added to enhance the usefulness of the website. We also implemented bookmarking ability in the site, and a RSS parser on the home page to enable RSS news feeds for the Latest News module. The new website was also optimised for all the major search engines.
According to Neil John Burton, Web Spiders' UK & Europe Business Development Manager,
"IT Focus Telemarketing is a fast growing customer orientated company and needed a website with a fresh web 2.0 design to portray this. Web Spiders has demonstrated its ability, using Indian based graphic designers and developers, to create an end result that not only meets the requirements set, but has also created a solution that IT Focus Telemarketing is extremely happy with."

Client Comments:

"I am greatly impressed by the Web Spiders graphics design team's ability to grasp my vision and create a visually engaging end result that is getting great feedback both internally from staff, and more importantly, from customers and prospects."
James Abbott, Managing Director, IT Focus Telemarketing

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