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SSW Scorecard

Client: SSW Performance Solutions, UK.


The client, a UK-based company, required a data input and reporting system that would adequately capture the daily staff performance via a scoring matrix, known as the ScoreCard. Data collected through the ScoreCard would be used to generate reports which, in turn, would be accessible to users of the system. The structure of this scoring matrix was to be based on automotive network operations. However, there had to be sufficient built-in flexibility that would make it suitable for use in any industry. Web Spiders was given the responsibility of developing this application.


In accordance with the specifications of the client, Web Spiders created a web application that would serve the required purpose. It is a multilingual system which has been developed in English and Arabic. The application's Administration section allows the creation of new clients at run time, such that, each is a separate site with its own backend. Individual clients also have the option of choosing a color branding scheme. Each of these clients can be set up for a different organization altogether with its user roles, users, master data, and scorecards. The ScoreCard is also enabled with a dynamic User Role Management function. Users belonging to a particular role can access different reports/modules of the application based on the privileges available to them. After relevant master data are entered and scorecards are created, team managers can enter the scores of each of their team members for a particular week against the questions in the scorecard. Once these scores are submitted, the team managers and other users in the hierarchy above them can view the results in the form of charts which have been developed using the Dundas Chart component. A Dashboard is also available to a user after logging in. This feature allows a bird's eye view of the recent scores based on the user's hierarchy.


SQL Server,
Dundas Chart

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