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Client: A USA based Manufacturing Company


Our client required a pc/browser based widget for a company promoting their line of Spas and Hot Tubs. This widget would help enhance the company's brand and would also lay emphasis on relaxation and a healthy life style.

The widget would remain active on the desktop, and based on the users profile, would display any or all of the following:

  • Healthy Lifestyle and Relaxation Tips
  • Series of images relating to health exercises and relaxation
  • Play soft or relaxing music

The branding element would be subtle. It would allow the user to learn more about the company's product line, and locate a dealer nearest to them.


Web Spiders developed the widget application along with a back-end CMS module. The CMS module provides the Admin User an easy means for maintaining and updating content displayed to the end-user by the Widget. The content is as described – text, images and music.
The application was optimized for the different Windows versions as well as for Mac.
The dealer search functionality, based on Zip code, was integrated using a third party web service.
The widget allows the user to personalize its settings according to convenience.


Adobe Flex, AIR Beta 3, AIR, PHP, MySQL on Linux

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