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SingTel FMCC


To develop a portable event guide for one of the largest and most prestigious events in Singapore, the SingTel FMCC 2011

About the Client:

The SingTel group is Asia's biggest communications company that serves 416 million mobile customers in 25 countries. It provides a wide range of services and solutions in the fields of fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, satellite and pay TV. One of the largest listed companies on the Singapore Exchange, it has offices in 19 countries in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and the United States.

SingTel has been serving Singapore for more than 130 years and has played a crucial role in the development of the nation as a communication hub in the region. It is leading the convergence of fixed voice and data, mobile services, and cloud technologies in the region to empower businesses touch new heights in mobility. The Unleash the Power of Fixed Mobile Cloud Convergence event (FMCC) is their effort to bring together subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to share insights, experiences, and best practices on how businesses can benefit from converged communication solutions.


Our client wanted us to develop a mobile app that will not only contain information that is conventionally contained in an event guide, but will also facilitate transfer of information and interaction between the organizer, exhibitor, and attendees.

The above requirements were met by the app we built using our event2mobile (e2m) framework. The app we developed for our client allowed both exhibitors and delegates view information like the event schedule, speaker profiles, exhibitor details, a detailed floor plan, and location. The app however, contained features like "Add to Favourites" that cannot be found in a physical event guide.

We incorporated new features in the basic e2m framework to customize it to meet some specific requirements of our client. For instance, the app allowed exhibitors to generate leads effortlessly. The process is simple. A delegate just needs to select a button on the app to request information about an exhibitor, from amongst many in a list and scan the QR code on his card to enter his name and email id to send to the exhibitor. Emails then automatically get dispatched to the delegate and the account manager; the exhibitor can additionally generate a report from this information about the delegate, using the Web admin module.

We incorporated additional levels of interactivity in the app with the Live Q&A feature. This allowed delegates to post questions to the moderator even when a keynote session or track discussion was on. The moderator selected the questions for discussion and sent these to the speaker. The selected questions were also displayed on the Live Q&A public display panel. The app additionally allowed hassle-free collection of inputs from exhibitors and delegates with the general and track survey facilities.

The above-mentioned features of our FMCC app for SingTel facilitated hassle-free exchange of information. We developed the Rover app especially for volunteers who had to track attendance and also perform regular surveys amongst the event participants. Scanning the QR codes on the delegates' badges–this was all that the volunteer had to do!

Our multifaceted app benefited multiple groups of people associated with the FMCC event. For instance, sponsors used this application as a platform for their event marketing efforts.

The various features, coupled with multi-platform compatibility (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) ensured that the FMCC app garnered a wide reach and once again established Web Spiders' prowess in developing customized mobile solutions.

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