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Samsung, UAE

Client : Samsung Middle East


The client needed a web application that would help in the creation of trade marketing parameters for surveys. This was to be done through a PDA terminal. It involved both the export of parameters to the PDA, and the import of data from the PDA to the client server. Also, once the data was imported, certain analyses needed to be done based on the survey reports.


According to the specifications of the client, the Samsung TMS application was created. This would transfer the survey parameters to the sales field officer's PDAs, and also import the data from the PDAs to the client server. This survey data could be collected from different outlets through the PDAs. All the data collected would then be stored in the client's database. In addition, this application was designed to help maintain and keep a record of the survey questionnaires and the data collected from these surveys. Once the data had been imported to the client server, the Samsung TMS application would enable the generation of user defined reports, graphs and charts based on the client's database.


.net, MSSQL 2005

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