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Salt Union, UK

Client: Large Salt Manufacturer, UK

Project: Weighbridge Arrival and Dispatch Interface [WADI]


The client is a key UK supplier of high purity vacuum salt. They supply a wide range of packed salt products and bulk salt to industry, distributors and consumers. As part of consolidating its IT infrastructure, the client is in the process of migrating its Financials and Process management systems to Oracle's E-Business Suite. E-Business Suite [Oracle Financials] provides majority of their Financials processes requirement in its standard state however due to the nature of the client's business and its unique Manufacturing process management there is a requirement to build satellite application modules that will replace existing Order management system on VMS platform.


The challenge was to build such a satellite system in a tight timescale and adhering to strict interfacing rules of Oracle Financials.
Another unique requirement was that the existing Order management system had CUI [Character User Interface] running off terminal emulators. The customer wanted to retain this architecture due to the quick transaction processing time and also such an application removes dependence on mouse for navigation, which is well suited to factory conditions.


Web Spiders provided a platform independent, CUI based application that met all of customers requirement.

Technical aspects:

The technology behind the application was jsp [Java Servlet pages] running off lynx browser [Freeware Browser that is capable of displaying character based contents only].Such a technology solution not only satisfied customer's functional and technical requirements but also location independence as the implementation made the application Internet enabled.

Functional aspects:

This application shares existing data from Oracle Financials, processed Order dispatch information outside Oracle Financials and finally passes back dispatched order information to Oracle Financials.

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