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Client : International Provider of complete set of co-ordinated room furniture


Room In A Box (RIAB) is a website for the sales of products used in interior decoration, like sofa, beds, etc. The site had to be built in a way that would display information regarding the products, in the form of pictures, description, and price. While purchasing from the site, the buyer should be able to see the product details of the items that were added to the shopping cart. The site also required the development of a shipping band calculation procedure. This involved creating a feature whereby the admin could designate a particular band to each separate product, and these band costs could be calculated during a purchase.


In accordance with the logic sent by the client, Web Spiders made the custom development that would implement the logic with the help of the existing shipping module flat rate. In order to integrate the shopping cart and the product details in Flash, XML files were generated by PHP code. This also enabled the display of information like pictures, description, price, and other details when a buyer is browsing through these products. These XML files, pertaining to the products that were incorporated in Flash, were parsed and the data was read from it. After the product has been added to the shopping cart, two payment gateways- paypal and able2buy- are available as options for the customer to select.


LAMP, Adobe Flash, XML

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