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Philips India Limited

Client: Philips India Limited


Build an Intranet/ Extranet to:
Manage the countrywide sales force of over 600+ personnel
Manage and solve issues of distributors of Philips India efficiently and in a timely manner
Establish an internal workflow system for Travel Requests, Expense approvals and Purchase requisitions.


  • This project was executed with very close cooperation with the core IT team of Philips. The existing IT system at Philips is based on J.D. Edwards as the ERP system with DB2 Database on the AS/400 platform.
  • The Intranet/Extranet integrated with this legacy system in an "Offline" mode. The primary data carrier was "XML" and XML even formed the basis for integration with Distributors, travel agents etc.
  • A very strong content management system was also built using API from Site Server. The entire User Interface was built from scratch and adhered to guidelines and standards set by Philips worldwide.
  • This was an enormously complex project with over 1000 active users and around 25-30 categories having different access rights to the core application and Content Management System.
  • The entire solution was implemented successfully and currently we are developing further projects with the vision to web enable all functions of Philips India.


Windows 2000, IIS 5.0, ASP with COM objects, Index Server, Kernel based authentication services, Site Server- (Server Side) HTML, Java scripting and Flash - Client Side

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