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Public Car Configuration

Client: A large automotive company, Europe


The client, one of the world's leading automakers, required a multilingual car configurator that would permit visitors to configure their car as per their preferences. It needed to have features that would allow users to:

  • Choose Model
  • Choose Version
  • Choose Color
  • Choose Accessories
  • View a summary of the configuration


Keeping the client's specifications in mind, Web Spiders created the Public Car Configurator (PCC). This application follows a 5-step procedure. As a first step, users can select from the available models. The entire range of available models, data, and images are managed from Admin section of the PCC. After choosing a model, users can select the version on the basis of Engine, Fuel, Transmission, Power, etc. In the third step, the different colors of the chosen model are displayed from which visitors can take a pick. The various model accessories, including interior accessories, exterior accessories, and wheel, are available to users in the fourth section. Once the entire range of selections has been made, users are provided with a summary of their chosen configuration. If the user chooses to save the configuration, the application generates a PDF file which can also be printed. The PCC's Admin section has a Version screen from which the model data is linked with each other so that it can be viewed in procedural manner in the PCC Public site.


VS.Net 2003
SQL Server 2000 1.1

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