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NVFC – National Junior Firefighter Program

Client: Kimberly Ettinger (US)


The client required a site meant for the volunteer fire departments working in the USA. The various fire departments should be able to register themselves on this site. In a similar manner, the junior voluntary firefighters working for these departments should be able to register themselves in their respective departments on this site. These firefighters are presented awards based on their performances. All these features and functions are managed by the National Volunteer Fire Council (USA), a non-governmental organization that helps these fire departments and the volunteer firefighters. This site also needed to incorporate provisions for a discussion forum on the various duties of the firefighters. There should also be a live chat facility which is prescheduled and organized by NVFC.


In accordance with the requirements of the client, the site was built in PHP and hosted in Apache Web Server with MySQL as the Database. The main features of the site were created in Php custom coding, while the site's static pages were developed through Joomla. phpBB was used for the forum integration, and Flash chat was used for the integration of live chat.


Hosting Server Operating System – Linux
Web Server: Apache
Language: PHP
Template Engine: Smarty
Database: MySQL
Open Source: Joomla, phpBB
Third Party Software: Flash Chat

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