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NBM - Digital Signage Weekly

Client: NewBay Media

URL: www.digitalsignageweekly.com/


The objective of this project was to create 5 websites that would be running from one common Ektron database. According to the needs of our client, content that previously appeared on the 5 different domains owned by the client, needed to be migrated to the Ektron CMS 400 platform. This was to be done by using Ektron's out of the box functionality. The design changes also had to be implemented to the site in accordance with the specifications of the client.


Adhering to the specifications of the client, Web Spiders developed 5 sites for the magazines. These were created by using Ektron as a CMS system. The CMS site configuration involved the use of Smart Forms, Metadata, and Taxonomy. The technical implementations of the project included the migration of existing data from MySQL to Ektron database, SEO, URL Aliasing, Google Site Map and Mini Search, Forums, and Blogs.


Ektron CMS 400 7.5.2
ASP.Net 2.0
SQL Server 2005

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