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Client: A large automotive company, Europe

MVC is a web-based tool used by a large automotive company in Europe and its distributors for communication, forecast, allocation and retail sales. The primary objective of MVC is to reduce workload of company and distributors. MVS incorporates an easy approval process and no e-mail communication and discrete manual processes are involved.

MVC works as a single Volume Communication for Distributors that increases the quality of forecasts and support the planning process between MME and Distributors.

MVC is connected to Order Management System (OMS) providing an integrated solution by combining Weekly Retail Sales Forecasting and EDI Forecasting into a single environment.

Based on functional grouping, entire system is divided into several sub-systems:

Admin Site:

This application is used by the MME Users to view and approve distributor entry, view reports, view CPS, generate EDI forecast file and generate allocation letters and volume request letters.

The MME Super Admin users use this application to add/edit/delete MME Users and Distributor Users and manage the master data.

Distributor Site:

This application will be used by the Distributor Users to fill in the DPS generated for them by the MME Users. Distributors can edit the DPS data generated for them and submit for user approval. They can view DPS data both before and after approval by MME users and also generate reports.

Data Exchange Services:

The system imports data from "Production Actual", "Shipment actual" and "Production Master". The data related to Management Reporting is then exported to the appropriate reporting system.

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