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Master Data Management System

Client: A large automotive company, Europe


The client, one of the largest automakers in the world, needed a central application that would store all the dealer and distributor related master data being used by several different applications. Since dealers and distributors are key members of the MME business, most of the MME applications require data related to them. Storing data separately in each of these applications amplified cumulative data entry efforts, increased the probability of dissimilarity between the application and consequent error propagation, and hence, also resulted in high maintenance cost of the applications. Therefore, a data management system was required that would efficiently do away with all these issues.


In keeping with the client's requirements, Web Spiders designed the Master Data Management System (MDMS). This was created to serve the purpose of having a central repository of all master data. Some of the data elements are entered in MDMS itself, like Distributor and Dealer Data. And some of the data elements are pushed into MDMS, like Portal User. All these data are then stored in the management system to be served to other applications on demand. MDMS architecture design considers the scalability options that may require making it a central data repository for all master data. These data are exposed to external entities and applications through web service and export options. External applications can also interface with the web service to push/ pull in various entities' data.


ASP.Net 2.0,
SQL Server 2005

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