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Mitsubishi Motors Europe


Mitsubishi Motors Europe approached Web Spiders to create mobile optimised versions for multiple distributor sites, which were built on Ektron CMS as backend. The sites were needed to run on major smartphones and tablet browsers, and content management was one important area where the same content needed to be ported to the mobile site without the need for content administrators to add separate content for mobile sites. The sites also needed to use device features like GPS to find nearest dealers, route maps, etc.



Based on client requirements, Web Spiders came up with engaging mockups for the mobile sites to cater to the preferences of different distributors, and developed the mobile sites through integration with Ektron CMS. The sites were optimised for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and for tablets. Based on latest technology trends and device capabilities, WS implemented swipe features in different areas as necessary – 3600rotation and gallery sections, just to name a couple. Based on multilingual factors, the sites had to support 36 different languages. Special attention was given towards the design and separate templates were provided for content administrators to choose menus in a single column or a double column approach based on menu labels which were shorter/longer based on languages. The mobile sites make use of location-based services, as well as native GPS features, whilst taking consent from the users to track their locations at the time of access and setting the route map till the destination (dealer), through integration with Google Maps.

Live site:







Client testimonials:

"I want to use the possibility to thank you and the whole team for this incredible job. Well done! Honestly, once you sent your first time schedule, we weren't sure, if this close time table will be reachable. You placed the right people into this project and now we are online. Once again, great job, thank you!

Furthermore, I want to thank also Web Spider's and Lukkien team and, especially Conny. This project would not have been possible without your great commitment. Thank you, well done!"

~ Rainer Kohrt, MITSUBISHI MOTORS Deutschland GmbH, Germany

"What else do I need to add to these great words.

Receiving such kind of compliments from our distributor is what we are working for in the end.

I personally think it is really important in our job to make our customers happy and show them our added value by bringing nice and working solutions.

You all showed and proved this during this M3i Mobile website project. Many many many thanks for this great job done!"

~ Richard van Horick, Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V., The Netherlands



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