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Learning Dividends Inc. Canada

Client: Learning Dividends Inc. Canada


The program uses data arrays to store and process data. When the program was first developed, a database approach was considered but rejected. There were a number of reasons for this decision but primarily, the decision was based on keeping the program footprint small (no database engine) and the need for creating, collapsing and re-dimensioning the data storage many times throughout execution. Moreover, we wanted these actions performed instantly.

The program uses the Apex (now ComponentOne) TrueGrid control. The grid is used for displaying the bond amortization and journal entries. The data sources for the grids are Xarrays. A Xarray is bound to a grid. The TrueGrid is an extremely sophisticated control with many programmable features available. One such feature is the ability to put buttons in cells. By clicking on a cell button in a row of the grid, the user can access help specific to the contents of that row.

When data is entered, it is processed and results are updated and displayed immediately. There are no "Calculate All" buttons in this program. This feature is accomplished via the CalcAllResults routine present in each data control.

The purpose of this program is to not only display calculated results but to also explain how those results are derived.


Web Spiders is in the process of providing a Web-based calculation program that calculates various bond related figures/ estimates.

The major parts of the project are:

  • Front End Access Creating the shockwave interface for user interaction
  • Various modules and forms Information is fed into forms and results are displayed
  • Data Summary report generation

Salient Features:

  • Converting existing VB based formulae Flash based
  • Web based e-learning solution
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