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A large I.T. Products Distributor, UK

Client: A large I.T. Products Distributor, UK


The existing IT system of this 15 million pound company is the primary reason for its success as a supplier of Computer Hardware & Software to Businesses. This system was made on the MS DOS platform. Though the sales support and purchase application was executed very well, the company had to adopt modern technologies to take advantage of new opportunities.

Web enabling of these applications would create immense opportunities to make the application user-friendly and also extend it to suppliers and customers.
Web Spiders was entrusted to deliver this key transformation.


This project is a web enabling exercise for the existing Sales module Applications, Support, Publishing and Management Report Module existing on the Windows/DOS Platform.

The project effectively provides a web front-end to the SQL Server database and incorporates all forms and business logic that were part of the original system.

The web system has 4 primary interfaces.

  • Sales interface where Sales personnel log on and perform their daily activities.
  • Support Interface where personnel from Purchase log on
  • Publishing Interface to Integrate Supplier data coming through FTP source and manage the product database.
  • Management Interface for reports on the modules above plus Misc. functions like User Management etc.


Windows 2000, IIS 5.0, ASP 3.0 with COM objects - Server Side HTML, Java scripting and Flash - Client Side

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