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Intelligent Print

Client: Specialised player in web-to-print and variable data response marketing solutions


Managed Response Marketing (MRM) provides designing and printing services to small and medium sized enterprises under various industries like Health & Beauty, Hotels & Tourism, Auto, Retail & Shopping, etc., by offering a personalized marketing programme. These establishments can tailor a variety of marketing materials to meet their exact needs which will help in the promotion of their business and increase in sales. Hence, an online solution is required by these enterprises whereby they can access the site, select and customize their templates and place orders for the same. This will, in turn, automate the process of ordering marketing material, and speed up the entire process of capturing and delivering orders.

The key objective of the site was to create an online web application that would operate both as a B2B and B2C site. The B2B is for registered business enterprises where MRM's customer can "skin" the application with their own corporate style, while B2C is for the individual users, through whom MRM can sell:

  • Static design printed marketing cards (protected designs with editable areas, but without any personalization).
  • 1-1 database driven personalized cards (protected designs with editable areas AND with functionality to order database-driven campaigns from either uploaded databases or by using database bought online).

The site also required industry specific design templates to cover industry specific requirements.


This project led to the conception of the Intelligent Print (IP) application. Intelligent Print is a Web to print B2B ECommerce site for a printing and publishing company. It allows its clients to customize and place online orders for brochures. The PDF Generator then automatically generates 300 dpi print-ready PDF. It also has a feature called 'white labeling'. This enables the business users of the client to opt for their own customized version of the site.

In accordance with the specifications of the client, two main modules of the application were created:

  • The Admin module, which controls all the configuration options of the site as well as the management of enterprises, users, orders, etc.
  • The Public section, which has special features that enable the display of brochures industry-wise, online customization of brochures, one-to-one personalized marketing, fetching users' data in real time from third party user database, shopping cart, placement of orders, live help, etc.


ASP.Net 2.0 with C#, AJAX, Webservice, XML, ABCPdf.Net, SQL Server 2000, WorldPay payment gateway integration.

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