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Client : CRM


Client required an Opportunity Tracker Application that could be used to manage the details related to the club members. The application, to be designed, would be maintained by the hotel staff individually. The entire look and feel of the application is expected to be rich.


Web Spiders strictly adhered to the client's specifications and developed an Opportunity Tracker Application which allows clubs to track Opportunity/ Prospect among new and existing members. Tracking opportunities involves maintenance of interactions with present or prospective clients via several event options like calls, appointments, To Do lists, email, etc. This information is in turn generated as reports, which club managers can utilize to make strategic business decisions. The purpose of the application is to increase sales of club services and also induct new club members. The application consists of filters for searching contacts. By default, the application opens at the page displaying all the relevant details related to the staff member whose login id is used to enter the application. But even from one's own login, the user can access the information about other staff. The various features like drag and drop, animation and 'no refresh' of the application make it faster and user-friendly.


Flex 2.0.1, PHP Version 5.2.2, MySql Server version: 5.0.41, Server API: Apache 2.0 Handler

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