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Website Development for Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC)

About Client :

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) is the first national institute for post graduate studies and research in management established by the Government of India in 1961. Over the years, IIMC has grown into a mature institution with global reputation, imparting high quality management education. Today the institute is counted among the leading B-Schools in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.



As part of its Golden Jubilee celebrations, IIMC wished to launch a revamped website to establish their presence in cyberspace. Web Spiders was asked to handle this prestigious website development project.

About the Project:

The client's requirement was to give a fresh look to their site and to promote their identity as a global institution through web content and designing. Working for an institution as big and reputed as IIMC required a great deal of commitment. Hence, we had to focus on accuracy as well as deliver 'quality' work on time. Developing website for a 'top notch' institution requires meticulous research. We were further instructed to propose a detailed content plan for their website prior to developing the web pages.


The project was handled in two phases - website content development and website designing.

Website Content Development
Before starting off with writing the page content, the team reviewed the entire site map and then prepared a content plan, based on a thorough scrutiny of the institution's educational programs, facilities offered, aims and objectives, among others. The team understood the functionality of each and every section thoroughly along with its objectives and relationship with each other before arriving at a conclusion. Once the content plan was approved by the highest administrative authority of the respective department, the team was instructed to go ahead with writing the site content.

With few client inputs, mostly - past financial year statements, admission brochures, annual convocation booklets, and campus event pamphlets, our team was able to develop crisp and smart content for the client. Further, we suggested a few moderation for the site. Like, the 'Events' section had only 'static' pictures and without sufficient description.

Our team met student representatives from IIMC to get an overview of different aspects like - annual events organized by the students' cell, placement records from the placement cell and so on. This helped considerably in developing up-to-date content for the respective sections. Of course, the Web Spiders team also suggested various modifications to make the content web-friendly and scannable, most of which were implemented. Optimizing the site for social media was one of those suggestions that was met with heartfelt approval from the client.

Website Designing
In the web designing front, our team took a separate subdomainal approach for separate stakeholders. Following are some of the key contributions made by the WS team as regarding the development of the whole new state-of-the-art web portal for IIMC's students, faculties, alumni, recruiters, and the web audience at large.

Our key target was to give the new IIMC site a much needed 'facelift' in the cyberspace. Hence our development team focused on making this site social media friendly. We optimized the site by integrating IIMC's social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to the website.

Developed on Drupal, the site was made highly interactive with the aid of the following web development tools viz-

- Dashboard widget development (based on drag and drop feature)
- Forum and IRC chat facility creation for members
- Drupal calendar and leave tracker integration
- Using Moodle e-learning platform to create a knowledge portal for the student & faculty members.
- Birthday reminder, scheduler, polls, and Google calendar creation to connect with the members.
- Notice Board creation for posting up-to-date messages.
- An extensive faculty, student, alumni, and staff directory creation.
- Course registration interface creation.

The 'new look' IIMC website now features a powerful graphic interface, where past and present year student stats for various courses are available. To help recruiters select candidates directly, student CVs are also available on the website itself.

Overall the new IIMC web portal is more informative, dynamic, and interactive than its former version. The new IIMC site was launched on June 3, 2011.

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