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Healthy Heart

Client: Kimberly Ettinger (US)


The client needed a site for the volunteer fire departments working in the USA. This site had to be designed in a way as to facilitate the registration of the voluntary fire departments. Also, the heart healthy firefighters, who worked as volunteers, should be able to register themselves in the corresponding departments on this site. These volunteers compete for a challenge when they sign up on the site. This challenge is divided into quarters for up to one year, and each firefighter is required to achieve a certain target point in order to get the award. The site also needed to have a blog where the departments as well as individual firefighters could post their success stories. All these functions were managed by the non-governmental organization called National Volunteer Fire Council (USA) which helped the fire departments and the volunteer firefighters.


Keeping the client's specifications in mind, Web Spiders created the site in PHP, and hosted in Apache Web Server. MySQL was used for the database. Building this site involved PHP custom coding for the main features. The static pages of the site were developed using Joomla.


Hosting Server Operating System:€“ Linux
Web Server: Apache, Language: PHP
Template Engine: Smarty
Database: MySQL
Open Source CMS: Joomla

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