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An e-learning Company in the UK

Client: An e-learning Company in the UK


Our client is one of UK's fastest growing e-Learning companies and provides content for ''Life Long Learning''. They have an excellent product targeted to a young age group and their content cannot be replicated. They have an ongoing demand for cost effective IT services ranging from platform conformity of their products, language integration to their courses, conversion in different formats, user interface design and enhancement, technology stack enhancement, security implementation, Web enabling legacy applications to name a few.

Web Spiders also had the opportunity to recommend various new solutions to the customer especially in the area of security and web enabling.


Web Spiders pitched in with excellent references from existing customers and an ongoing and cost effective manner that fulfilled the requirement of the client. The entire range of services mentioned above are being delivered in a timely fashion allowing the customer to roll out the solutions as and when required. Web Spiders also assisted in bringing down time to market for many of their products. Champs, one of the leading products was converted to an ASP model as well to be implemented at LEAs.

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