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Client : Bansal Group



The client, a specialist in the manufacture of mild steel tubes, LPG cylinders, telecom and transmission towers, electric poles, horizontal directional drilling and other products, needed to rebuild their existing website. This site, which had outdated content and design, had to be given a new look and feel. Fresh content had to be created such that it would highlight the group and its business domain.


After a thorough study of the client's requirements, Web Spiders proposed to design and develop the website by using simple objects which would convey the business targets of the Bansal Group. Flash elements were used to enhance the total usability of the site, together with giving it a crisp new look and feel. The conceptualization and design were innovative, and a robust content management system was integrated. This system was developed keeping in mind the scalability and further enhancement factors.

The scope of the project involved analysis, development and implementation of the application. The website needed to be compliant with all the major web browsers. Along with being SEO compatible, the site needed to be based on W3C standard in order to consider accessibility issues. Also, the website would have a product gallery where a range of products could be showcased. The display of these products would be on the basis of different categories.

Web Spiders created the Bansal Group admin module such that it could be used by the website's administrator. All the sections would be available to the Super Admin of the Bansal group. The Super Admin would also have the control over creation of other Super Admin and Admin users, and assignment of access authority to different sections of the module based on the roles of these users.


PHP 5 (Using Open Source CMS JOOMLA 1.0.13) / MySQL 5

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