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Client: AVIVA (UK)


The client required an eLearning Computer Based Training (CBT) course on the subject of "Diversity". The primary objective of this learning solution was to raise awareness in all the aspects of Diversity. This was to be achieved by sharing Aviva's vision of Diversity which would enable all the employees to understand, reflect, and act upon the implications of diversity that they would necessarily face in the workplace.


According to the specifications of the client, Web Spiders developed the courseware which took into account vital issues like compliance with W3C and SCORM, as well as Aviva's internal guidelines on branding, CBT, visual impairment, and the use of Adobe Flash technology. The content was designed in a way that took into consideration various disabilities of the users like visual impairment, aural impairment, etc. Also, the courseware needed to run in the existing Learning Management System (LMS). This was achieved by using an Oracle database within Aviva's intranet site called "Learning World". The authoring tool used in developing the courseware was Lectora from Trivantis.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Trivantis Lectora, Jaws, Dolphin

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