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Application Life Cycle Services

Application Life Cycle Services

Web Spiders' Application Life Cycle Services are designed and developed to meet your specific business goals and technological requirements. Our in-depth domain knowledge, expertise in project management, tested development methodologies and commitment to industry best practices will free you from the limitations of commercial packaged applications and enable you to

  • Develop, implement and manage enterprise applications
  • Achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the industry
  • Effectively address changing business needs, market conditions and technological advancements

Web Spiders has the experience and expertise to help you with all phases of the Application Life Cycle

  • Application Development – Analyzing, designing and building applications to suit exact business requirements; creating customer specific solutions and add-ons
  • Application Maintenance – Specifically tailored, long-term maintenance program, enabling enterprises to manage complex applications effectively
  • Application Integration –Bringing together data and functionality from various applications and interrelating them; integrating application programs, databases and legacy systems
  • Application Testing – Rigorous testing of application limits and features, enabling enterprises to deploy tested and verified solutions
  • Application Modernization – Comprehensive modernization strategies to exploit the latest technologies and trends to tackle evolving business needs
  • Application Support – Customized support services to ensure that your applications run smoothly and effectively at all times
  • Application Retirement – Eliminating redundant and obsolete applications, thereby reducing costs and improving operational efficiency; and preserving the experiences and values gained
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