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AIR Application Development

Adobe Integrated Runtime or AIR is a cross-OS runtime which allows developers to bring together HTML, Flash, Flex, and AJAX technologies and deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) directly on the desktop. Applications that are built for AIR can run on your computer without using any web browser. This allows developers to make use of established web technologies and build applications that deploy to the desktop, providing a richer experience - easier, more powerful, user-friendly and enjoyable.

Adobe AIR is already seeing rapid adoption with companies like NASDAQ, AOL, and eBay already making use of AIR in order to deliver interesting applications to their users' computers.

Advantages of Adobe AIR

  • More choice to users - to use applications online or offline
  • Delivers the same experience for users of all operating systems
  • Extends the capabilities of pure desktop applications
  • Allows enhanced features and interactivity
  • Facilitates a more engaging connection with the customers
  • Use existing people, systems, and infrastructure
  • Saves development time and consequently, cost
  • Increases the ROI (Return On Investment)of your Web investment
  • Offers increased user-customization

AIR Development @ Web Spiders

Web Spiders, a pre-eminent global provider of RIA development services, has years of experience in developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Our software programmers, leveraging their considerable experience and Web development skills, can help you use Adobe AIR to build and deploy applications that will help to increase productivity, reduce costs, boost profits, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and extend your market reach.

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