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Going Mobile: Pains and Possibilities

In spite of the enormous competitive advantages of mobilizing their business, many companies are finding it very difficult to go mobile. This is because the current approaches are both time-consuming and cost-intensive. Mobile-enabling existing apps can cost millions, take as long as a couple of years, and require extensive in-house resource deployment. The complexity leads to cost overruns, missed deadlines, and frequent disruptions… ultimately leading to project abandonment.

This major hurdle can be crossed seamlessly by using Web Spiders' revolutionary solution – ActiFetch – which allows you to take your websites and business applications mobile at just a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, and in one-tenth the time!

What is ActiFetch?

Web Spiders' ActiFetch platform helps in seamless integration of legacy data to mobile platforms. It allows businesses to rapidly mobilize their existing web properties or business apps irrespective of whether or not they have any existing application programming interfaces (APIs).

ActiFetch has the unique ability to access, fetch, migrate, transform and integrate data from your websites and apps and take it to the mobile platform, without requiring any intermediary APIs. Essentially ActiFetch allows you to repurpose your existing applications as mobile apps on the fly, without having to meddle with the underlying architecture. Your applications look and act just as they should on every mobile platform, irrespective of the operating system in use or device form factor.

Why do I need to use ActiFetch?

This revolutionary approach to going mobile eliminates all the hassles associated with mobilizing legacy apps which do not have any mobile-ready web service APIs. Most existing business applications do not have the necessary APIs that allow the required data and business logic in order to deliver to mobile devices. While APIs are useful, most enterprise websites and eCommerce destinations don't have published APIs (according to ProgrammableWeb, less than 0.003% of public websites have published APIs).

Using ActiFetch immediately eliminates the complex project requirement of extensive planning, spending, code rewriting and testing, which often lead to disruptions and untimely abandonment of the effort.

The ActiFetch Advantage

Businesses today need to be highly responsive, and thus have no patience for traditional application integration that requires multiple processes with chances of errors at every stage. Web Spiders' ActiFetch platform completely eliminates the costs and delays associated with API dependency, third party application changes, consulting engagements, cost overruns, project delays and risks of inaccurate data entering the system because of human errors.

ActiFetch helps you get the necessary data and functionality from the front end of the existing application – in real time – to mobile users, irrespective of the device form factor. All the information is tailored on the fly and presented to the mobile user instantly based on his/her device display parameters. ActiFetch simplifies a process that traditionally took months and years to implement, and does it in real-time without the necessity of any APIs. The time and cost savings are enormous, no IT resource deployment is necessary, and all underlying systems remain untouched.

Actifetch Platform

ActiFetch thus enables the existing site content and functionality to be dynamically transformed into a mobile-optimized experience that leverages the full capabilities of whatever mobile device is being used. The mobile user gets the same experience, irrespective of whether the person is accessing your website/application from a desktop PC, smartphone or a tablet computer.

So whether you are fetching data, migrating CMS content, performing application integration, synchronizing with the cloud, mobile enabling legacy apps or automating business processes, ActiFetch offers you a faster and more cost effective option with no possibility of errors.

Taking your business mobile has never been easier!


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